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Robot Exploration

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Robots are at work all around us. They work with unhuman precision, do the dirty work and keep us safe. There are robots in industry, retail, schools and even in your home. Cedar Valley Robot Week is all about celebrating the robots at work in our community. All of the robot week robots are organized by the type of work they do. How many robots are at work in your home?

industrial robot arm icon

Industrial Robots

An automatically controlled, reprogrammable multipurpose manipulator, programmable in three or more axes, which may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industry automation applications.[ISO definition]

Examples: welding, material handling, and assembly robots

medical robot plus symbol icon

Medical Robots

Robots used in hospitals, pharmacies, and care centers to automate processes that increase health and safety and improve outcomes for patients.

Examples: robotic surgeons, pharmacy robots, and assistive robots

entertainment robot game icon

Entertainment Robots

Robots that complete tasks related to recreation activities.

Examples: toys, hobby robots, time-lapse cameras, and virtual software agents that recommend movie picks

household robot house icon

Household/Personal Robots

Robots designed to serve one person or in the home.

Examples: Roomba, smart home surveillance, alarm clock, and dusk-to-dawn lights

educational robot pencil icon

Educational Robots

Robots used in classrooms and other settings that assist with learning or that diagnose or treat learning disabilities.

Examples: learning games/tutors, adaptive therapeutic programs, and educational competition robots

service robot icon

Service Robots

Robots that repetitively perform the same or similar tasks based on received instructions.

Examples: satellites and drones that remote sense or collect data automatically, self-driving tractors, and search engines and other virtual software agents

military and civil service robot wings icon

Military/Civil Service Robots

Robots used by the military, police, firefighters and other civil service areas to maintain security and safety of the public.

Examples: bomb disposal robots, automated transportation, and drones